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We run rugby camps during the holidays for players of all abilities, ages, genders and nationalities.


We provide cutting-edge coaching to help players boost both their performance and their understanding of the game of rugby. For young people from the age of 12 up, we organise these highly social camps to coincide with school holidays. Our biggest camp runs over the Summer, when we invite international participants to join our IRI adventure.

The IRI offers a comprehensive, scientific approach to coaching, ensuring players learn everything from psychology to diet and conditioning, through specialist mentoring and sports science.

And while we never take our eye of the ball, we make sure every single participant has a genuinely great time, is supported in all the right ways, and gets all the social fuel they need too!


For international players, our camps provide the perfect environment to experience the best of Irish rugby, improve English and make lasting friendships. We make sure to support our international members by offering extra English classes, as well as providing hosting with local families who love rugby as much as we do. Or if you value your independence, we of course arrange for that too.

Everything that we offer our domestic members, we offer to our international members, and more besides!


Minis Camps are for kids from 4 to 11 years. We provide the perfect blend of learning and play, making sure every child gets what they need, no matter their experience level or aspirations. If the kids aren’t grinning, we’re not doing our job. And we love our job. It’s all genders together as we promote all the best bits of teamplay and equality.

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