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The Irish Rugby Institute (IRI) is a professional Rugby Coaching company based in Dublin, Ireland. Our mission is to develop young national and international players in the game of rugby. Offering a rare combination of practical experience alongside theoretical knowledge, we have an authentic and persistent passion for the game.



Position: Founder and Strength & Conditioning Director

The Rugby Institute was founded in 1999 by Rossa Keane.

A rebel rouser in his youth, Rossa believes that the game of Rugby gave him a particular focus that kept him out of trouble and helped define him as an individual.

With a qualification in Sports Science, setting up the Rugby Institute was a natural next step, ‘I want to share my passion for rugby and give others the same opportunities and experiences I had as a young player.’

This ambition has helped drive the IRI’s mission; To assist players, young and old build and achieve their dreams in the field of rugby and to have fun doing it.

With over twenty years experience playing for Suttonians Rugby and ten years experience as founder director of TonedFit, a functional fitness studio and gym, Rossa is responsible for the IRI Strength and Conditioning programme of activities.



Position: Nutrition Coach.

Niall has been working in the health & fitness industry for the last 5 years and is currently working as the general manager for the Irish Rugby Institute. He completed a certification in sports and exercise nutrition from precision nutrition and has a degree in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on biomechanics of human movement. He has work across different sporting disciplines as a nutrition coach and consultant.

He is currently involved as a nutrition coach for Suttonians Rugby Club and is the director of outlook performance. Niall is a massive believer that the extra needed to win a match can come from the kitchen. ‘Nutrition is critical,’ says Connolly, ‘it’s the fuel that drives the engine, put the best fuel in and you’ll reap the rewards ten-fold on the field.’



Head coach

Peter is a former professional player during his time in the UK. He now lives in Dublin and is head coach of Suttonians Rugby club. He is also head coach of St Fintan’s High School. While in the UK Peter was Head Coach of St Georges College Weybridge for 4 years and oversaw a period of massive improvements at all levels throughout the school.

Peter’s strengths as a coach lie in his ability to play multiple positions and having a sound understanding of all aspects within the game. He has a real passion for attacking rugby and helping his players understand the game. He uses his own personality to drive standards and works hard to build a competitive fun atmosphere to all his teams.

Peters degree in strength and conditioning science allow him to understand the physical requirements of the sport and this knowledge helps him structure his training cycles to meet those demands.


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